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How to install a Let’s Encrypt SSL on a shared GoDaddy hosting account

SSL certificates have become a more highly visible topic lately due to Google’s policy announced last September to begin marking pages without SSL certificates as “not secure” in the Chrome browser, the most popular browser in use today. This policy is

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Project Fi – first impressions

Up until two weeks ago, I had been a T-Mobile customer for about 2 1/2 years. I actually have been quite happy with the service. The coverage here in the Northeast corridor where I live is excellent, and I had occasion to

Switching from Android to IOS

A couple of weeks ago, my beloved Nexus 5 died. It began with random shutdowns, and finally, it would not boot up at all. The likely cause is a hardware failure involving the on/off switch. It was out of warranty,

iPad Apps for the Jazz Player – Update

It’s been over two years since I wrote my original post on iPad apps that I have found useful as a jazz player, so I thought I would update my experiences. In addition to iReal b and iGigbook, I have

Why volunteer

I’m fortunate to have had many opportunities during my working career, and it’s my turn to give back, now that I have the time. My motivations are not entirely altruistic, however. I get a lot out of it too. Here’s a great

iPad Apps for the Jazz Player

After saving up my shekels for several months, I recently acquired an iPad 2. Aside from all the usual things you can use it for – the ones you see in the iPad commercials – the iPad is a great

Ligature for Wanne mouthpieces

I love my Theo Wanne mouthpiece. It’s absolutely the best tenor piece I have ever played. The inside geometry of the mouthpiece with the subtle baffling and big chamber combined with a very precise and well researched facing curve make


I don’t think woodwind players ever get tired of discussing this subject, because the search for the perfect reed is so elusive. I don’t like synthetic reeds. I just don’t think you can get the same sound from a synthetic.


When it comes to mouthpieces, my favorite at the moment is a Theo Wanne Amma. It’s like the best Link you ever played with just a little more brightness. I love the sound and volume control I can get with

My Horns

Saxophone players never get tired of talking about their horns. I have two tenors: a Mark VI and a Borgani Jubilee model. My main tenor is a Mark VI. The serial number puts the year of manufacture at 1974, very near the