I consider myself primarily a jazz musician, although I enjoy listening to and playing all kinds of music. My strong suit is the performance of standards in the jazz repertoire (e.g. “Green Dolphin Street”, “How High the Moon”, “I Can’t Get Started”) and classic jazz tunes (e.g. “Now’s the Time”, “Blue Bossa”, “St. Thomas”).   I’m at my best when interacting with an audience.

Photo: Leah Palmer

Briefly, here are my musical capabilities:

  • Instruments: Saxophone (tenor, alto, and soprano) and clarinet. I consider tenor sax to be my primary instrument.
  • Size of ensemble: I am comfortable in groups ranging in size from small combo to big band (any of the tenor or alto positions).
  • Reading: I am a good reader. I maintain my reading skills by playing regularly with two different big bands (jazz and swing) and a dectet.
  • Improvisation: I can lay down a solid solo line from changes. This applies to big band charts as well as lead sheets.
  • Jazz performance conventions: I am familiar with the conventions of jazz performance in both small and large ensembles. I can work with head arrangements, and I can back vocalists.
  • Memorized repertoire: I can play over 100 standards from memory (always adding new ones).
  • Playing by ear: I have a good feel for intervals. If someone else can play it, I can usually repeat it. And yes, if you hum a few bars, I can probably fake it.

If you’re looking for a sax player who shows up on time, prepared, and dressed appropriately, I’m your man. Send me an email. Let’s talk.