Jazz with Friends:

This is a jazz duo/trio/quartet (depending on what’s needed) that I founded with my good friend Lori Rosolowsky. Now that Lori has moved to Montana, the group continues with Mike, Sam Haines (bass), Wayne Palmer (drums), Christa Tinari (vocals), and Bernie Thompson (piano), but Lori occasionally comes back to PA to perform with us. The music is mostly jazz with some 60-70s pop and originals mixed in.

Delaware Valley Saxophone Quartet:

This is a saxophone quartet that was made up originally of members of the DelVal College (now University) concert band. Some of the personnel have changed over the years, and the quartet has really begun to approach a professional level. I play tenor sax in this group.

Doylestown Heat Jazz Band:

I’ve been playing in this band for a several years now. It’s a high energy jazz band with a good mix of older and younger players. Good mix of traditional big band with newer jazz, funk, and fusion charts.

The Jazz Sanctuary:

This is an organization founded by my friend and bassist Alan Segal. They put on the Jazz and Joe concerts that take place mostly in churches around the Philly metro area. Check them out.

George Sinkler:

George is a regular with the Jazz and Joe group. He is great local piano player, who can handle anything from jazz to show tunes to pop. He is good enough to let me sit in with him most Tuesdays, when he plays at the Hub Pub  in Pipersville.

Montgomery County Concert

The MCCB performs many free concerts during the year. In addition to the summer open air concerts, the band performs 2-3 formal concerts. It’s a great mix of dedicated people. More recently, MCCB members have formed the Montgomery County Jazz Band, of which I am a member.

Tim Price:

When I came out of my long hiatus a few years ago, it was Tim who put me on the right track. When I think back to where I started the second time around, I am constantly amazed at how Tim has helped me to develop musically. And along the way, we have developed a good friendship. Tim taught me that musical development is a journey that never ends, and it is the journey itself that is the essence of musical fulfillment. You can find Tim at New York Jazz Workshop as well as Facebook and Instagram.

Malarskey Woodwinds:

I first heard of Steve Malarskey through a recommendation. He is a true artist and craftsman when it comes to any kind of woodwind instrument. He is particularly well known for his work on double reed instruments, but his expertise shines through just as well on single reed instruments, including saxophones.

Sax On The Web:

This web site, that was started and is still maintained by Finnish saxophonist Harri Rautiainen, has become one of the premier resources for the saxophone on the web. There are tons of informative articles as well as a lot of free jazz etudes by Tim Price. Connected with this web site is also the Sax On The Web Discussion Forum. If you’ve got saxophone related questions, this is where you can get answers. A lot of talented players from all over the world contribute to this forum.