I’m fortunate to have had many opportunities during my working career, and it’s my turn to give back, now that I have the time. My motivations are not entirely altruistic, however. I get a lot out of it too. Here’s a great essay about why you should volunteer.

If you are looking for opportunities to volunteer, a great resource is VolunteerMatch, which was selected by Time Magazine as one of the year’s Top 10 Sites in its 2007 annual survey of news, business and cultural touchstones.

Most of my volunteer activities have to do with web site design and audio engineering – great outlets for both my creative urges and my closet geekiness. Here are some things I am working on now, most through VolunteerMatch:

The International Cancer Advocacy Network (ICAN), a non-profit organization that assists and empowers late-stage cancer patients worldwide with cutting-edge information regarding anticancer drugs in clinical trials as well as physician referrals at the patient’s request based on the patient’s reported medical situation. I developed and maintain their website.

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of Delaware County. This organization offers adults age 55 plus the opportunity to share their time and talents on a regular basis in a variety of settings throughout their communities. They are based in Delaware County, PA. I completely redesigned their web site and maintain it.

The Center for Contemporary Art (CCA@Bedminster for short), is a non-profit organization located in Bedminster, NJ that welcomes artists of all ages to explore the visual arts through educational and interactive programming designed to encourage and promote arts awareness. CCA@Bedminster is the new name of the Somerset Art Association. I was part of the design team that developed the new site.

The Crisis Center, Inc. of Bristol, VA, a non-profit serving southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee. The Crisis Center offers the communities it serves education, advocacy and intervention allowing individuals to find positive solutions for personal crises. I redesigned their web site and converted it into a content management system.

Liberia Education Project, a Philadelphia-based non-profit that funds school construction and related activities in Liberia, where education resources are in short supply. I developed a content management system and blog for them using the WordPress platform. I also help them maintain the site.

The Conversations Network, a listener supported non-profit podcast network publishing a wide range of recordings on the latest in technology, traditional and emerging media, and social change. I am working as a post-production audio engineer.

The Queenie Foundation, an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to education about the humane treatment of animals and pets. I recently redesigned the site as a content management system.

The Montgomery County Concert Band, a top notch all-volunteer community band based in Lansdale, PA. I developed and maintain the band’s web site. I recently redid the site as a content management system using the WordPress platform.

The Doylestown Heat, a great big band that donates the proceeds from its performances to community projects sponsored by the Doylestown Lions Club. I designed and maintain the band’s web site (and play in the band).